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 Roz Shanley, MSW

Certified Transformational DreamBuilder Life Coach

Your Time is Now

Just One Life

Are you looking for financial abundance and the time to match? Have you dreamed of finding your true love? Do you dream of writing that book, starting that business, elevating your health? But, are you stuck on the side of the road of life, not sure which direction to go? 

Make It Your Own

Look down that road…

See your future self in your ideal life…

What do you see? What are you doing? being? having? enjoying?

Looks great, doesn’t it?

Know this…that life is absolutely possible.

Change your thinking, Change your life

Let’s explore your beliefs and perception as your roadmap and employ your internal GPS.

Get on the road to your dream life, with a clear vision of what lies ahead. 

It’s closer than you think. 


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My heartfelt support of your dream - the keys, my coaching - the vehicle to get you there. Get on board and let’s do this!

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To your dreams!


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