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After the Workshop...

"Roz’s genuine interest in helping others can be seen and felt through her motivating presentation. Coaching others to reach for the stars and find their dreams promotes a sense of well being, hope, and a drive to accomplish goals in an organized manner."               -Lisa A

"Your seminar in life was very enlightening. It reinforced what I learned many years ago from Tony Robbins. You brought everything back to light, Thank you."                   -Kathy S

"Recently, I attended a workshop Roz put on.  She talked about realizing dreams and outlining how to make them happen.  It was well done and enlightening."            -Steve H

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How is this done? 

Roz's coaching is an online and on the phone coaching program so clients can be anywhere in the word and still be able to work with Roz!

How do I enroll?

Simply sign up on the front page of the website for a strategy session.

How do I know this is right for me? 

The strategy session, abut a 30 minute phone call, is where Roz helps you determine what you'd want from life, and decide if her coaching program is a good fit for you both.